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Hilotherm – Harnessing the power of controlled cooling

At Hilotherm we are dedicated to helping patients across the UK by harnessing the power of controlled cooling. Recover faster from injury or surgery by naturally reducing pain & swelling or prevent common chemotherapy side effects by cooling throughout treatment. We are driven by innovation, a desire to share our expertise and a supportive, caring touch.

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How can Hilotherapy help?

Hilotherapy has a wide range of applications, providing natural pain relief and a reduction in swelling and bruising.

Orthopaedic surgery

Dental & maxillofacial surgery

Plastic & cosmetic surgery

CIPN & Hand-Foot Syndrome

Arthritis, Rheumatism & Joint Pain

Sports injury

What is Hilotherapy?

For years, medical professionals and physiotherapists have recognised the healing power of ice to reduce swelling and inflammation. Hilotherm treatment enables cooling to be administered at a precise temperature, for hours or even days at a time. Its ability to maintain a constant temperature gives it a clear advantage over conventional cooling alternatives, which risk causing ice burns if they’re too cold or losing their effectiveness as they thaw.

Hilotherm has a wide range of applications but central to all of them is the goal of a natural, faster return to full health. Not only does Hilotherm promote the healing of damaged tissue but it also reduces pain intensity, diminishing the need for analgesia.

Happy Clients

★★★★★ ​ Rita Chawla

Would 100% recommend. I recently underwent major surgery and my husband hired a machine for my recovery. The machine controlled the swelling and pain and worked wonders through my sleepless nights. Ice packs just didn’t cut it for me as I could only get around 20 mins of use at a time with ice packs.
Thank you for assisting in my speedy recovery.

★★★★★ ​ Lara McCarthy

My daughter used for a week after upper and lower jaw surgery. It meant that she could snooze during the day and at night with a ‘cool face’. Service was exceptional. Really useful advice given.


★★★★★ ​ Kareen Taylor

I must say that the Hilotherapy machine is worth every penny. I came out with no bruising and very little swelling after having double jaw surgery. It really helped in keeping my face cool and virtually pain-free. I would recommend this equipment to anyone and, in fact, have already recommended it to friends about to go for ankle and knee surgery. I would also say that for anyone suffering from migraines this is a fantastic piece of machinery that really helps with the pain.


★★★★★ ​ Rosalind King

We found the whole process of ordering the Hilotherapy device very straightforward and quick, and Martha certainly found that the unit helped with the post-operative swelling and discomfort. We would definitely recommend it to other people going through the same operation.